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 Soa Lee had been living in  Seoul since she was born and graduated Hong-ik University in Korea. 

  As Soa was interested in animation and computer graphics, she started to create CG animations and illustrations with graphic programs even though her major was fine art in college. Since Soa is absorbed in beauty of female and fantasy, She has been creating illustration about fairies, goddess, female warriors and myths as a illustrator since 2000.

 Soa's illustration has been used within advertisement, puzzle, and art book around the globe. Soa got awards from international site such as CGsociety and 3D total with her works. 


In 2009, Soa shifted her focus onto game industry and started to devote more time and efforts in projects to create game characters. Soa is currently living nearby Long Beach and working  for Naughtydog in Santa Monica since 2011 as a character artist.


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